Class Descriptions

Our classes are designed for every fitness level! If you are a beginner, or advanced, come prepared to get a great workout in. Talk to your instructor before class if you have any injuries or limitations and they will be able to help you out! Make World Gym Calgary Plus 15 your go to Calgary gym. Join online or in club and find out what makes us one of the best gyms in Calgary!

  • Strength & Conditioning
  • H.I.I.T
  • Mobility
  • Yoga
  • Spin & Yin
  • Let's Get Physical
  • Body Bootcamp

VIP PLUS CLASS: Strength & Conditioning

Where hard work pays off! Strength and Conditioning classes are constantly varied, high intensity workouts with form and skill at the forefront. We scale the movements based on each athlete’s ability and fitness level. Exceed all your fitness goals with science-based programming designed to make you stronger, leaner and faster. Work with our certified coaches on strength, power and endurance to bust through your plateaus!


H.I.I.T isn’t your typical cardio class! With a large variety of movements and interval-based workouts, you’ll never do the same workout twice! You’ll use rowers, slam balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyo-boxes and more to blast all muscle groups in this 60-minute class. Have fun working out like you never have before!


Feeling sore from your last workout? Have a lingering shoulder injury, or trouble getting into a deep squat? Mobility class is where you need to be! We focus on soft tissue stretching and joint mobilization. Working on maintenance of the muscles you rely on every day. Come see what it’s all about, your body will thank you!


All levels Sattva, Yin and Yin & Yang classes. Standing and moving poses in the first half of the class to slower, longer holds and stretching poses in the last half. Each class will rotate in restoring different therapeutic openings for hips, shoulders, backs and legs. Find balance, freedom and happiness from with. Everyone welcome! *Not heated*


A full 60 minute class that is split into 2 exciting parts! Starting out with 25 minutes of FUN & intense cycling that is then followed by 25 minutes Yin practice. Combining long and gentle stretches with deep breathing practices to help your body relax after high intensity cardio!

VIP CLASS: Let's Get Physical

Our 45-minute, H.I.I.T style class will have your heart rate up and muscles pumping! Integrating body weight and high intensity intervals. This class will ensure you get the best full body work out in a time crunch. This class is for anyone looking to improve cardio, burn calories, build lean muscle, and stay fit – quick.

VIP CLASS: Body Bootcamp

Go hard or go home! Our 45-minute “Body-ody-ody” Boot Camp has high reps, high sets & a whole lot of heavy breathing! With bodyweight or free-weight options available to modify the intensity of your workout, Boot Camp classes are designed in circuits for you to be able to push yourself according to your fitness level. If you feel like absolutely smashing a 45-minute lunch-time workout, look no further Body Boot Camp is here!